Shop lighting

LED products for use in shops, stores or restaurants. All products are characterized, according to the application, by a high color rendering index (CRI) .


Flexible LED rail lighting system

This system can be directly installed into the ceiling, or as a hanging mount. Suitable for production halls, workplace lighting, retail areas, supermarkets, logistic centres and many more.

Our rail lighting system E-Flex adapts itself perfectly to your needs. Next to simplest installation and high quality components like Nichia SMD chips and Phillips driver, it distingushes itself with very robust modular connections. Therefore uninterrupted system length of up to 50m can be achieved, with only one phase (220V), and with three and more phases even 380V.
Next to many different beaming angles, a dimmable version is also available (Dali or 1-10V).
Flexible, modular lighting system paired with high quality and longievity make this light rail system a perfect partner in commerce and industry.

LED illuminated advertising and profiles

Special solution for outdoor use

We offer products designed for tough outdoor use which are also UV also resistant. Continuous LED facade profile with integrated electronics or LED Neon Flex Tubes in IP68.

Whether gas station lighting, promotion and advertising of comapnies or LED in swimming pools, our products are specifically tailored to your needs and are supplied ready for installation on request.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will advise you!

LT Nexus Series

High quality hanging LED luminaire with performance of 200 W and IP 65 certificate

The new Nexus Series is a multitalent between LED lighting.Sutiable for illumination of working places, shopping - retail centers, logistical areas, factories and much more.It can be mounted up to 12m height,special dust resistant design.

LT LED Panel

Flat LED panel with aluminium housing

Homogenous edgeless light distribution with high color reproduction index