Mistakes about LEDs

Here we would like to briefly mention the most common LED errors and list some advantages of this technology.


- LED produces little to no heat

FALSE - LED produces heat at the back of the chip. Good heat dissipation with LED lights is a must, otherwise it threatens the imminent failure or death by heat. Look for products with good heat dissipation (usually aluminum with large cooling body), otherwise the operating hours stated can not be achieved.

- LED has a virtually unlimited service life

FALSE - Only high quality LED products reach the promised lifespan (especially the drivers are vulnerable when it comes to cheap, no name products). Well-known manufacturers of LED chips are Nichia, Cree, LUMILED.

- LED gives cold light away

FALSE - It depends on the choice of light color. For details, see the FAQ

- LED is dimmable

FALSE - The dimming of LED lights is much more complicated than conventional bulbs, however we offer product-dependent solutions, either 1-10V or Dali dimmer. Some products are not dimmable. For dimmable LED products, the power is NOT being by dimming, but rather,  the LED requires less power by doing so.

- It is not profitable to replace neon tubes with LEDs

FALSE - particularly in older T8 tubes (58 watts), the power consumption is reduced by about 35-50% (LED 22 Watt), or by dropping it out and changing over to our 46 Watt LED Power tube,which  generates two times more light - at constant energy consumption (1.5m tubes).

Also, the switching time for a tube with short operating time, like underground car parks with motion sensors,is not a problem.

Pay attention to  heat radiation (see data sheet) ,and be strict with traits like the beam angle or lamp design.

Advantages of LED bulbs:

+ Lower energy consumption

+ Long life

+ Without UV / IR radiation

+ Easy installation

+ Maintenance free

+ Focused light where it is needed

+ Environmentally friendly by reducing CO2 load

+ Insensitive to switching

+Full light output  immediately after switching on


Disadvantages of LED bulbs:

- Sensitive to high temperatures

- Higher purchase price (but usually pays for itself pretty quickly)

- Many poor import products on the market


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