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LED illuminated advertising and profiles

Special solution for outdoor use

We offer products designed for tough outdoor use which are also UV also resistant. Continuous LED facade profile with integrated electronics or LED Neon Flex Tubes in IP68.

Whether gas station lighting, promotion and advertising of comapnies or LED in swimming pools, our products are specifically tailored to your needs and are supplied ready for installation on request.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will advise you!


LED facade profiles

The LED facade profile has been specially designed for commercial outdoor lighting on house walls or roofs. Easy installation and high robustness are hallmarks of this product.

  • Complete electronics in the profile housed. The 220V line is fed, therefore, up to 150m with a possible feed.
  • Uniform, homogeneous light distribution without dark spots also on corners and edges, seamless transitions
  • Bright light with daytime and night effects
  • Easiest and most cost-effective installation with retaining clip
  • Designed for harsh environment operations, UV resistant
  • Available in 6 different LED and acrylic paints and colors.
  • Supplied ready, if desired miter
  • No decrease in luminance / maintenance free

Fields of application:

- Lighting for advertising purposes of gas stations, commercial buildings such companies, shopping malls, shops, etc.



LED Neon Flex


Our LED Neon Flex Stripe replaces conventional neon,and it is extremely flexible and robust. Due to its resistance to UV light and IP68 protection type, it can be used almost in unlimited possibilities. Available in 2 different versions (Topview, Side view) depending on your requirements.

On request, the product can be preconfigured and pre-fixed together,  by us, to be used for example in wet areas such as swimming pools or bathrooms.


  • Different light colors (mono, color, RGB)
  • Extremely robust and resistant. IP68 / IK08, UV resistant, resistant to common cleaning agents
  • Virtually unlimited use through wide range of accessories for indoor and outdoor use
  • With new SMD chipset up to 10m with one supply (24V)
  • Easy installation, wide array of accessories available


Contact us with your requirements and we will find the right solution.

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