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LED solar streetlight for poles of up to 5m height.

Compact solar LED streetlight suitable for side streets, cycling trails, walkways, parks and many more.

Product benefits:

  • Special optics with up to 133lm/W, suitable for poles of up to 5m height
  • High-quality integrated Li-ion battery modules, achieved lifespan of ca. 5 years
  • Efficient solar panel, charges the battery in 9-10h fully
  • Automatic proximity sensor, dimmer function (Sleep Mode), timer 
  • Easiest mounting on a pole or a wall 
  • Reliable under extreme conditions from -25°C to +50°C
  • Battery holds at bad weather (rain or heavy clouds) ca. 3 days of continuous operation
  • Available power outputs of 15 Watt or 23 Watt

Application area:

  • Streets
  • Walkways
  • Parks
  • Cycling trails
  • Parking areas
  • Camping places



Compact solar LED streetlight for illumination of camping places, parks, side streets, cycling trails, walkways and many more. Integrated movement and proximity sensors with automatic dimmer function, high quality solar panel and Li-ion battery. Perfectly suitable for remote places or paths without power grid connection.

Details are available on product data sheet, on the bottom of the page (.pdf)

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