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LED Solar Streetlight SSL 980S

Next Generation LED Solar Street Lighting

The next generation solar street lights for side streets, sidewalks, parking lots, bus stations, parks, campsites etc. with the latest solar technology. Expensive excavation work is no longer necessary, follow-up costs are minimised!

The well thought-out energy management of the SSL 980S enables the luminaire to operate reliably even in periods of bad weather, making it suitable for locations with moderate solar radiation. Solar street lighting that leaves nothing to be desired.

Product advantages:

  •     up to 4.400 lumen suitable for up to 8m masts
  •     latest Ternary LiFePO4 battery packs integrated to achieve a lifetime of approx. 7-10 years. (over 3.000 cycles - 80% DoD)
  •     rotatable 100 Watt solar panel that completely charges the lamp in approx. 6-8h
  •     automatic proximity sensor, dimming function (Sleep Mode), timer, free programming
  •     easy mounting by mast mounting (spigot 60mm, 76mm), existing masts can still be used
  •     Reliable under extreme conditions of -20°- +55°.
  •     Automatic time in bad weather approx. 7-15 days depending on programming and execution
  •     winter-proof, temperature-proof, fail-safe operation guaranteed even during the winter months (DACH region)
  •     easy assembly and maintenance of all components
  •     LoRa controller available as option for control and query via Internet (smart city)
  •     5 years warranty / 20 years spare parts warranty
  •     Please refer to the data sheet for details.

Fields of application:

  •     street lighting
  •     footpath lighting
  •     parking lot lighting
  •     cycle paths
  •     parking spaces
  •     campsites
  •     riding arenas
  •     parks
  •     congregations
  •     communes
  •     public squares




Compact solar LED street light for the illumination of campsites, car parks, side streets, cycle paths, footpaths etc. Integrated motion detector combined with timer function, high-quality solar panel, MPPT charge controller and LiFePO4 battery. Ideally suited to illuminate remote places or paths, or where there is no power supply.

Details can be found in our data sheet

With our AIO (All-In-One models) with attached solar panel, existing systems can also be quickly and easily retrofitted. The luminaires are easy to install. Additional cabling in the ground or mast is completely unnecessary. The luminaire can be serviced quickly and easily without dismantling. Any existing masts can still be used.

Note: When planning, please take into account the position of the sun and any shading, as well as the difference between summer and winter. The loading times are thereby massively influenced. Contact us, we will be happy to help you with the implementation!

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