Damp area lighting

Whether indoors or outdoors, LED damp chamber lighting is universally applicable and available in different designs and protection classes.

LT Aaron High Rack series

LED industrial lighting with mount, in different sizes and models

Ideal for industrial and production halls, logistical areas and quality control centres, exactly where you need a source of powerful lighting.

LT LED waterproof luminaire model Tri Star II

LED waterproof luminaire in Alu housing

Montage als Anbau oder mit Abhängung möglich. Geeignet für z.B. Arbeitsplatzbeleuchtung, Verkaufsräume, Supermärkte, Logistikzentren, Kühlhäuser etc.

LT Nexus Series

High quality hanging LED luminaire with performance of 200 W and IP 65 certificate

The new Nexus Series is a multitalent between LED lighting.Sutiable for illumination of working places, shopping - retail centers, logistical areas, factories and much more.It can be mounted up to 12m height,special dust resistant design.

LT LED T8 replacement PRO

The LED T8 tube compensates and even outperforms the regular T8 tube

With a performance up to 30 Watt and an end-performance of up to 3300 Lumen this tube is an inexpensive alternative for pre-assembled luminaires.