Property und surface lighting

LED emitters and special solutions with higher degree of protection (IP class) for use in harsh conditions such as construction machines, ski slopes, ships, etc. or for object illumination.


Compact LED Solar Wallwasher

Suitable for building illumination and advertising lighting, or wherever an electrical outlet is not available.

Europoles Light poles and accessoires

Light poles, floodlight poles, pole adapters and extensions, etc.

As Europoles partner, we can offer you now poles ranging from simplest conical to the floodlight poles with fixations, all imaginable pole arts and their accessories. Europoles is market leader (made in Germany), and next to the standard galvanizing, we offer different coatings in RAL colors that you want. For more details contact us!


LED floodlight with special beaming angle, for advertising or area illumination

The BB Series floodlights are equipped with special beaming angle, perfectly made for billboards, any kind of advertising surface or any outdoor area. With well-adjusted optics and special beaming angle, almost all light scattering is avoided.

Smaller brother of our Aaron flood light is with a performance of up to 90W and 10.800lm suitable for innumerable indoor and outdoor application areas, aswell as being well equipped as the rest of it's family.